Sales Presence

Course Preview - Lesson #1


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Lesson 1: Introduction to Sales Presence

Lesson 2: Influencing Clients to Listen and Act

Lesson 3: Why is Sales Presence important?

Lesson 4: Develop Authenticity 

Lesson 5: Using Boldness

Lesson 6: Framing the Conversation

Lesson 7: Developing a Narrative

Lesson 8: Have a Call-to-Action

Lesson 9: Defending Your Position

Lesson 10: Avoid Ventilating Modifiers

Lesson 11: The Enthusiasm Effect

Lesson 12: Body Language

Lesson 13: Focusing Your Message

Lesson 14: Confidence and Conciseness

Lesson 15: How to Connect on a Personal Level

Lesson 16: Sustainable Presence


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