Monday Morning Sales Workout

A 52-Week Sales Training Program For Your Team!


How Managers Coach Their Team.

Kickoff Your Monday Morning Sales Meeting with a New Sales lesson every week.  

This 52-Week sales workout will free managers from having to develop a sales lesson every week for their sales team.  Instead, managers will be able to choose from 52 different lesson across 8 crucial sales categories: Process, Prospecting, Promotion, Persuasion, Pricing, Positive Mental Attitude, Presentation and Product.


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What Does It Cover?

1 Workout for you to go over with your team. You'll get access to 1 lesson a week, from 1 of the categories.

Meet Your Trainer

Victor Antonio

 After building a successful 20-year career as a top sales executive, Victor Antonio became a globally sought-after sales speaker and trainer.

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How Does It Work?

"Victor is a fantastic focus point for our company. I highly recommend Victor for any group that needs to refocus, redirect, or accelerate the direction of their sales force. Victor truly understands the art of sales and can design a program for your organization that will increase your presentation power and revenue! "

Danny Broadway
Owner, Yepser Internet Strategy

"Engaging, thought-provoking and game changing. Victor brings a new and an innovative approach to the "Sales Influence" buying process. Victor's program is a fundamental paradigm shift from the traditional sense of buying and influence which was swiftly adopted into our presentations and sales processes. Having worked and knowing Victor professionally and personally he certainly exceeded our collective expectations. We look forward to our continued relationship and friendship!"

John Eberhart
VP Accedian Networks

"Victor is an engaging speaker who grabs his audience from the opening and keeps them entertained and motivated throughout his presentations and speeches. His 'Sales Influence Moment' is always a welcome email in my inbox for quick tidbits of sales advice. I recommend him to those who wish to invigorate and motivate their sales teams and to the salesperson in us all who benefit from his educational content."

David Weaver
Managing Partner, The Weaver Group

""Victor Antonio is a once in a lifetime find. We worked together at ADC and he was a co-worker, mentor and inspirational leader. He challenged my basic thoughts and helped me grow as a professional and individual. You can not escape getting sucked into his energy and dynamic thought process. We have not worked together for over ten years and I continue to follow Victor's career and read his work. Thanks Victor!" "

Sandy McWilliams
Director of Product Management, ADC

FREE Preview: Monday Morning Sales Workout Leader Video and Worksheet. 

Category: Presentation.

Lesson: Prevent Buyers From Cancelling an Order.


Download the FREE Worksheet for 'Prevent Buyers From Cancelling an Order.' 


For your team's long term growth. Train your team in every crucial area of selling with a fully developed lesson every month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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MMSW is for managers and leaders looking to invest in their team or salespeople taking control of their learning and careers. Consistent training is the greatest predictor of your teams success. 

The 8P's: Product, Process, Promotion, Prospecting, Persuasion, Pricing, Positive Mental Attitude, and Presentation have been identified as the 8 crucial areas in selling 

There are 52 lessons, each containing a video lesson and worksheet handout - a full year of training for your team!


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