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Selling To Today's Homeowner

Business to Homeowner Selling.

Today's homeowner have more options than ever before. How do we as salespeople stand out from the competition and win the sale?

It starts with a sales process that focuses on value centric selling and price objection blocking. 

The B2H Academy is designed to help today's salesperson sell more effectively to homeowners. With guided steps across the 9 'Main Events" in a contractors sales cycle, you'll be able to create an impactful, powerful sales process that helps you stand out from the competition each time.

9 Steps to A More Powerful B2H Sales Process

Developed specifically for contractors selling to homeowners.

What You'll Learn on B2H Academy:


The Basics

You'll learn the foundations of selling more effectively in a Business to Homeowner situation, while laying down the groundwork for your new, powerful sales process.

  1. Basics
  2. Intro to B2H
  3. Sales Process
  4. Ideal Client
  5. Today's Informed Buyer
  6. How to Sell (10 Videos)
  7. New Rules of Selling (14 Videos)

Total:  29 Videos


Inbound Selling 

Learn how to handle inbound calls and qualify incoming leads so you can save time (and money).  You'll also be able to understand how customers make decisions and why they choose to buy (or not) from you!

Qualifying Buyers

Managing Your Data

Inside the Customers Brain (13 Videos)

Inbound Selling (8 Videos)

Total: 23 Videos


Setting the Appointment

In this phase, you'll sharpen your eye for customers that aren't going to buy from you, as well as learn how to more effectively take an inbound call so you can secure an appointment with a qualified lead. 

  1. Disqualified Buyers
  2. Recording Calls
  3. Preparation and Profiles
  4. Qualifying Sales Opportunities (9 Videos)
  5. Time Management (12 Videos)

Total: 24 Videos



We'll walk you through how to do the perfect in home walk through to inform and inspire action in your clients. 

Creating credibility between you and the prospect is an important step in building trust and standing out from the competition. 

In-HomeProcess Questions (exercise)

In-Home Process (Exercise)

Connecting with Clients

Asking Great Sales Questions (14 Videos)

Closing the Credibility Gap (12 Videos)

Total: 29 Videos



In your final presentation, creating a sense of urgency and importance for your solution is crucial to closing the sale. You'll also be able to block objections before they arise to reduce buyer resistance. 

  1. SPIN and Urgency
  2. Upselling
  3. Effective Sales Presentations (9 Videos)
  4. How to Block Objections (11 Videos)

Total: 22 Videos



Present a compelling proposal, follow up, and reduce cancellations. This stage often holds important negotiations - make sure you're not using 'Discounting Language'. Negotiate better deals for yourself. 

  1. Proposal and Funnel
  2. Advanced Upselling
  3. Prevent Cancellations 
  4. Negotiation and Persuasion (16 Videos)
  5. The Art of Negotiation (1 Webinar)
  6. 8 Discounting Countermeasures (1 Webinar)
  7. Upselling (6 Videos)

Total: 27 Videos



Fulfill orders and create a process for a better customer experience. 


1 Video


Follow Up and Referrals

The final stretch. Ensure customers are more likely to stay committed to your deal.

Stay one step ahead and create more qualified leads for yourself. 

Getting More Referrals

Customer Experience

Getting Referrals (21 Videos)

Total: 24 Videos


More Resources

Other Courses and Content to continually improve your B2H Sales Process. 

Other Courses and Content

1 Video

B2H Academy Creator and Your Trainer: Victor Antonio

Victor Antonio is a sales trainer, author of 13 books on sales and motivation and the founder of the Sales Velocity Academy,...and now the Business-to-Homeowner (B2H) Sales Academy.  He has worked with and trained contractors from pools designers-to-plumbers-to-roofing to be able to sell in this competitive environment.  In his B2H Sales Academy, Victor breaks down what it takes to sell effectively, but more importantly, consistently, to homeowners.

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