Monday Morning Sales Workouts


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Monday Morning Sales Workout

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  • Sales Velocity: 4 Levers to Increase Sales Speed
  • Battery Life Framework: An Activity Model
  • Battery Life: Sales Cycle
  • Buying Signals
  • Asking Good Questions
  • Questions to Qualify a Buyer
  • Discuss B.A.N.T.
  • Gap Selling
  • S.T.A.R.T. Selling
  • Challenger Sale
  • Universal Sales Formula: E + E + E
  • MT NUT: Five Reasons Customers Don’t Buy
  • Battery Life: Gain New Clients
  • Getting the Right People in the Room


  • Data to capture in a CRM
  • Four Growth Strategies
  • Battery Life: Number of Opportunities
  • Strategies for Gaining New Clients - Battery Life: Gain
  • Battery Life: Retain
  • Battery Life: Grow
  • Battery life: Reactivate
  • Objection: Let me think about it !
  • Truth Serum – Getting the Real Answer
  • Battery Life: Win Rate
  • Inside Customer Brain
  • Objection Redirection
  • Objection: I’m happy with current vendor
  • Foot-In-The-Door (FITD)
  • Verbal Gifting – Getting them To Talk
  • What are your customers Latent Needs (iceberg)
  • The Liking Formula – People Buy from People
  • Break Even Point (BEP)
  • Client Acquisition Cost (CAC)
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Battery Life: Average Deal Size
  • Porters 5 Forces
  • Three Options Upselling
  • Second Sales Strategy
  • Objection: Can I get a better price (discount)?
  • Upselling - Will that Be Enough
  • Goals: Behavior vs. General
  • Psyching Yourself Out
  • Inoculation to keep salespeople motivated
  • Self-Assessment
  • Sales Funk
  • Presentation Process
  • Hero Story
  • Using Pattern Interrupts
  • Value Trinity: IR, RC and EM
  • Blocking Objections
  • 4 Aspects of Selling
  • Comparative Analysis

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